It's Debate Day and I'm ready

I'm excited to be in Vancouver! It's been a pleasure to meet so many great people here in BC. Every province gives me the chance to hear new perspectives and hear unique stories, it makes me prouder still to be Canadian. I will carry those stories as I move forward in this journey.

I had the good fortunate of visiting some fascinating firms and entrepreneurs with an excellent focus on innovation. These people get where we need to go and makes me optimistic that the future is bright!

But now it's time for Canadians to finally get a chance to see the leadership candidates stand side by side and debate. I'm the only candidate with the ideas and experience to make Canada work better, and I'm looking forward to sharing them with BC and Canada. I'm the only candidate who wants to assist entrepreneurs attract investment. I'm the candidate who wants to finally build Canada's digital economy while protecting your right to be free in the digital realm from government intrusion. And I'm the only candidate who has come out strongly against the prohibition on marijuana in order to stop the violence associated with it.

I truly hope you get a chance to see our first debate taking place this afternoon and hear more about my proven experience and vision for Canada that I hope to build alongside you. I believe it will be a revealing and informative debate which will be discussed in the days to come, and it will set the bar for our future debates across Canada. Don't miss it!

Follow me during the debate and let's continue the discussion

Twitter: @georgetakach #lpcldr (leadership race), #lpcdb8 (debate).


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